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Measure of Success

Positive Early Care and Education Climate

The major indicator of this measure of success is the percentage of early care and education programs and schools implementing social-emotional development strategies.

Learn more about the strategies and research rationale associated with Positive Early Care and Education Climate.

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Tennessee’s Department of Human Services (TDHS) and Department of Education (TDOE) both monitor all trainings for child care providers and educators. Many of these trainings involve best practices for the social-emotional development of children, including the Pyramid Model and Positive Discipline Model (see the Bright Start TN Clearinghouse for a list of other social-emotional development strategies).  However, there is not a standardize way to capture these training efforts in TN.

TQEE is engaging with national and state experts to understand how best to define and assess this indicator for children birth to age 8. TQEE welcomes partnership with others interested in improving the availability and transparent of data in this area.

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