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Tennessee has an education crisis.  Today, two-thirds of our state’s 3rd graders are not at grade level in reading and math.  We’re counting on supporters like you to take action that will help us enact common-sense policies to ensure Tennessee’s children get a strong start in life.

Take Action to Fix Tennessee’s Child Care Crisis!

Quality, Affordable Child Care Strengthens the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow! HB598 / SB677 will ensure Tennessee finally charts a course for quality, affordable child care for working families! Tennessee has forfeited more than $250 million in federal child care assistance [...]

Take Action to Strengthen Working Families!

Reduce child poverty and strengthen Tennessee families! Finally! There's a plan to unlock $700+ million to give Tennessee families a leg-up out of poverty! Federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant funds for TN's working families have been [...]

Take Action for School Nurses!

Tell Tennessee Legislators: Fund School Nurses! Legislation to ensure more Tennessee students have access to school nurses has momentum! Even before COVID-19, school nurses were critical, unsung heroes, with often only one nurse for thousands of students. School nurses improve [...]

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