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Summer Learning

The major indicator for this measure of success is the percent of children who maintain reading and math gains over the summer.

Learn more about the strategies and research rationale associated with Summer Learning.

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In early 2021, Governor Bill Lee signed into law the Tennessee Literacy Success Act, which required all school districts to administer a universal reading screener for all students K-3. We are in the process of working with the Tennessee Department of Education to extract and analyze the data from the inaugural year of the implementation of this law for this measure of success. We plan to utilize this screener data (comparing Fall data to the pervious Spring data) to derive a proxy indicator for summer learning and we will display the data here as soon as it is available.

Additionally, we continue to advocate for better data systems and transparency in the early care and education sector in Tennessee.

*TDOE has identified 7 possible options for reading screeners.


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Data Year:
2021-2022 School Year

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