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Social Emotional Health

The major indicator for this measure of success is the percent of children exhibiting self-regulation, and good interpersonal skills.   

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Statewide Average in Tennessee: Parents report 46% of children to exhibit self-regulation and good interpersonal skills.

Zogby Analytics was commissioned by TQEE to conduct a new survey of 2,507 Tennessee parents with a child under age 9. The survey is large-scale, new (administered June 23, 2022 through August 1, 2022), and has a sampling frame that matches the Tennessee demographics (race, age, family size) for households with a child under age 9, labor market conditions in Tennessee (earnings, sector of work), and regional populations. Based on a confidence interval of 95 percent, the margin of error for the 2,507 surveys is +/- 2.0 percentage points. The regional analysis is based regional oversampling.

The survey questions were adapted from the National Survey of Children’s Health survey instrument. National Survey of Children’s Health-Social Emotional Domain items were developed for ages 3-5. The survey questions were deployed for children 3-8.This is defined by measures of children’s development through parent observation through survey questions.  The questions included:

  • How often does this child show concern when they see other who are hurt or unhappy?
  • How often can this child recognize and name their own emotions?
  • How often does this child play well with other children?
  • How often does this child share toys or games with other children?
  • How often does this child bounce back easily when things do not go their way?

Response options: none of the time, some of the time, about half the time, most of the time, all of the time

A composite score was developed to determine the % of children exhibiting self-regulation and good interpersonal skills.

Northeast TN includes the following counties: Carter, Cocke, Greene, Hamblen, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Unicoi and Washington

West TN includes the following counties: Decatur, Dyer, Hardeman, Haywood, Hardin, Lake, Madison, McNairy and Weakley


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TQEE Parent Survey

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