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Positive Discipline Parenting and Classroom Management Model

What is it?

The Positive Discipline Parenting and Classroom Management Model is based on the Positive Discipline program, which is a program designed to help young people become responsible, respectful, and resourceful members of their communities. Positive Discipline is based on the belief that children learn best when they feel comfortable and connected to others; for discipline to be successful, adults must first establish a secure relationship with children. Positive Discipline is based on mutual respect and effective communication between the adult and child. Adults in the program also learn how to identify the reasons behind children’s behaviors, use effective discipline that is neither permissive nor punitive, focus on solutions instead of punishment, and use encouragement instead of praise. The Classroom Management Model teaches school staff how to use Positive Discipline in the classroom. The goal of this model is to help school staff promote respect and character development in students. 

What is the evidence base?

Parents in the parenting program demonstrate a decrease in authoritarian parenting style, permissive parenting style, and parental stress. Children show an increase in child academic competence and a decrease in externalizing problem behaviors. Schools that use the Classroom Management Model decreases suspensions and vandalism and improves classroom atmosphere, behavior, and attitudes. 

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