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As students step into summer and cap off the end of a disrupted school year, mitigating the proverbial “summer slide” is all the more important. To make sure that the educational gains made over the year are sustained and strengthened over

Boost your baby's brain power through play! Your baby is amazing!  Did you know that 80% of her brain growth will happen by about age 3?   And you and your family hold the key!  Your caring interaction with your infant –

Summertime provides children a welcome break from the classroom. Summer vacations means fun – playtime with friends, family gatherings, adventure and lazy days. But when children spend two or more months away from the regular exercise of learning they are at

Spring is a welcome season here in Tennessee with the budding of new flowers and the emergence of warm weather. The season is typically filled with delight for young children as they participate in egg hunts, picnics, and outdoor play,

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