Summer Learning At Home with PBS

As students step into summer and cap off the end of a disrupted school year, mitigating the proverbial “summer slide” is all the more important.

To make sure that the educational gains made over the year are sustained and strengthened over the summer, the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) has begun the second phase of its partnership with PBS. Through June and July, Tennessee’s PBS stations will offer educational programming for Pre-k through third grade students each weekday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST.

For ideas about learning activities for your young children throughout the rest of the day and week, check out our recent blog post featuring tips and suggestions from educators from Sumner County and Decatur County Schools.  They provide some simple and easy ways to keep the learning happening.

A link to the full release and more detailed information about the TDOE’s partnership can be found here: TDOE Announces Second Phase of PBS Partnership for Summer

Thank you Commissioner Schwinn and PBS!

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