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TQEE responds to 2022 Nation’s Report Card

Following the release of the 2022 Nation’s Report Card by the National Center of Educational Progress (NAEP), which showed declines in student achievement nationwide and in Tennessee, Tennesseans for Quality Early Education issues the following statement from President and CEO Blair Taylor:

“The 2022 Nation’s Report Card unfortunately highlights what we already knew – the COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on students across our country and at home here in Tennessee.”

“While this pandemic-induced learning loss is concerning, what’s more troubling is that even before the pandemic, math and reading proficiency rates have been traditionally low in Tennessee. The need for change remains urgent.”

“As a state, we’ve responded by putting in place strong, research-based strategies aimed at both recovering and accelerating learning beyond pre-pandemic levels. From new phonics-based reading programs and high-dosage tutoring to and summer programs, we are doubling down on student supports and intervention efforts.”

“However, many of these efforts are currently being funded with temporary federal COVID-19 relief funds. There is no doubt the pandemic’s impact on all our lives, especially those of our youngest learners, will last well into the future. We must now focus on finding ways to protect and expand on investments in student achievement and commit to closing opportunity and achievement gaps. Together, we can ensure more Tennessee children are performing at grade level by the critical third grade benchmark.”

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