Witness the transformation of a child

Explaining what the Voluntary Pre-K program in Kingsport City Schools means to my son Samuel and me is a “where do I begin” task. My son Samuel has many health issues that have the potential to interfere with his education. He requires extra attention to the health issues, yet needs to be encouraged to be more independent. The amount of experience and knowledge that I have encountered has made the process not only easier, but so exciting for me and my son. The entire staff has always seen just Samuel, to the point that I was allowed to be a “normal” nervous mom initially. Every need, medically, socially, and emotionally has been met in such an appropriate, and discreet way, that Samuel has flourished into a confident and independent little boy. He has met academic goals that my older son, who was not able to attend pre-k, struggled with throughout Kindergarten. As a mother, I am so excited about how ready he is for kindergarten!! Forever, we will be indebted to the amount of love, professionalism, and knowledge that our Voluntary Pre-K program has provided us!!

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