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Take Action on SB750/HB785!

Let’s make quality child care and preschool an option for more Tennessee families!

Hi!  Thanks for clicking onto this page to send a message to your legislators. This will be quick!

For the first time ever, the Tennessee General Assembly is considering investing state dollars in scholarships so more young children have the opportunity to attend high-quality childcare and preschool! And you have a special role to play – your legislator(s) will soon cast a critical vote in Finance Committee.

Simply send a short one or two sentence email asking them to vote YES on SB750/HB785 to make childcare more affordable for working families.

Here’s how you can make your voice heard…

In that box to the right is a message you need to delete before writing your own! That’s because we want you to personalize your message. In fact we’ve heard directly from legislators that they ignore emails if they are all the same

Start by replacing the subject line with your name and request:  example: Sally Jones requests you vote YES on SB750/HB785

Then feel free to use one of these examples or personalize your own brief email.

Good morning!

I’m writing to request your support for funding SB750/HB785 by Senator Becky Massey and Rep. Mark White.  The bill will establish a pilot program for childcare / preschool scholarships.  This innovative bill would help ensure parents can afford to work and more children get opportunities for quality childcare and preschool


I am a parent asking you to help make quality childcare more affordable by funding SB750/HB785 – Promising Futures Early Learning Scholarships. Childcare is more expensive than college tuition. Parents need help! Please vote to fund this important program.

Or ….

I’m writing to express the need for investments in early education through bills like HB785/SB750. Investing in children’s early learning foundation has a proven return on investment. By making high-quality childcare more affordable, we are helping to prepare children to be successful in school and as tomorrow’s workforce. Please vote to support Promising Future’s Early Learning Scholarships.

Or create your own…

I fully support HB785/SB750 and ask for you to do the same! Early learning scholarships are important to me because ….

Now, go for it!  Do it now so you don’t forget! 

And thank you for making your voice heard on behalf of Tennessee’s youngest learners!

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