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Strategies Clearinghouse

The Incredible Years

What is it?

The Incredible Years is a series of three separate programs for parents, teachers, and children that aims to promote social competence and emotional regulation, and treat behavioral and emotional problems in children ages birth through age 12. The long-term goal is to prevent conduct disorders, academic underachievement, violence, and drug abuse. The program focuses on strengthening relationships between children, parents, and teachers and fostering positive parenting and proactive classroom management skills. The program consists of lessons two to three times a week that are reinforced by small-group activities and communication with parents. The lesson content discusses how to understand feelings, get along with friends, manage anger, and problem solve.

What is the evidence base?

Mothers who participate in The Incredible Years demonstrate a reduction in negative parenting interactions with their children. Parents increase their use of praise and program participation improves well-being among families. Children also demonstrate fewer conduct problems.

Become a Loud Voice

A child yelling into a megaphone