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Strategies Clearinghouse

Primary Project

What is it?

The Primary Project is a school-based early intervention and prevention program that helps children with social and emotional adjustment difficulties in kindergarten through third grade. The program uses early screening tools to identify children that need additional support. These children may display mild aggression, anxiety, or learning problems. To support these students, teachers, parents, and school counselors develop an intervention plan designed to detect school difficulties, prevent social-emotional problems, and enhance learning skills. Sessions are 25 to 45 minutes a week for 12 to 15 weeks. Through expression play, the Child Associate works with the child to develop skills in decision making, managing frustration, taking appropriate risks, and creative problem-solving. 

What is the evidence base?

Children that participate can complete tasks faster and independently. They also improve their coping skills, demonstrate lower levels of aggressiveness, and become more sociable. 

Become a Loud Voice

A child yelling into a megaphone