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Infant Mental Health Endorsement (IMH-E)

What is it?

Infant Mental Health Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focus Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health (IMH-E) is a credential that recognizes the proficiency of professionals who work with or on behalf of children, prenatal to three, and their families. A candidate demonstrates competencies through education, work, specialized training, and reflective consultation experiences. IMH-E is relevant to professionals in early care and education, prevention and early intervention, home visiting, child welfare, policy, and research. There are four IMH-E specialties available: infant family associate, infant and family specialist, infant mental health specialist, and infant mental health mentor. 

What is the evidence base?

The Endorsement enhances professional credibility and confidence, verifies that professionals have achieved a certain level of expertise, and supports young children and families in a culturally competent and relationship-based way. In particular, the reflective supervision component of the Endorsement improves practitioners’ ability to address personal biases, set boundaries, and slow down, observe, and listen. Reflective consultation also reduces practitioners’ stress. 

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