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Strategies Clearinghouse

Healthy Families America (HFA)

What is it?

Healthy Families America (HFA) is a home visiting program that supports families with histories of trauma, violence, mental health, or substance abuse. HFA is built on the belief that early, nurturing relationships are foundational to healthy child development. The program aims to promote child well-being and prevent child abuse and neglect. The program is offered prenatally or at birth until the child is three years old but can be offered until they are five years old. During the session, home visitors inform parents about important child development topics and activities. 

What is the evidence base?

Mothers who participate in HFA increase their parent knowledge and decrease their use of corporal and verbal punishment and neglectful behavior. Mothers also read more frequently to their children, provide more developmentally supportive activities, and have less parental stress. 


Become a Loud Voice

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