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A Prosperous Tennessee Starts with a Strong Foundation

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Tennessee is facing a threat to the future growth and prosperity of our state…

Nearly two-thirds of Tennessee’s 3rd grade public school children aren’t proficient in reading and math. Yet 3rd grade is a critical benchmark year for future academic success. Like bricks and mortar in a house, learning is layered on top of prior learning. If the foundation is weak, later achievement will falter. That’s what’s happening in Tennessee…

TQEE is improving academic achievement by advancing effective early education policy in Tennessee and we need your help! We’re tired of seeing our children being left behind and are actually doing something to prevent it. Will you help us?

TQEE is a bi-partisan coalition made up of of business, law enforcement, faith, education and civic organizations and lots of people in communities across Tennessee, fighting to make high-quality early education, birth through third grade, an urgent priority. We support policies that will build a strong early foundation for academic achievement, workforce development and prosperity in Tennessee .

Will you join thousands of your fellow Tennesseans and add your name demanding a better education for our children?

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