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Boost your baby's brain power through play! Your baby is amazing!  Did you know that 80% of her brain growth will happen by about age 3?   And you and your family hold the key!  Your caring interaction with your infant – such as cuddling, playing, singing, counting, smiling – is the best tool for stimulating healthy brain development. How do you do it? 

The Tennessee Department of Human Services announced the availability of funding for COVID-19 affected persons and child care businesses. Cash Assistance for People: The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) is making essential financial resources available to families that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 emergency.  Beginning 10 A.M. CST Thursday, March 26, families can begin applying, online, for

On March 19th, the Legislature met its constitutional duty and passed an emergency state budget. Following the 14-hour session, lawmakers recessed until a time uncertain leaving much unfinished business. Among the early education legislation not considered are bills about pre-k expansion, child care, unspent TANF funds and most notably Governor Lee's $68 million early literacy proposal. These are critical issues leaving children,

TQEE proposed our most robust policy agenda at the start of 2020. Legislation to expand pre-k, increase high quality child care seats and address unspent TANF funds progressed through the committee process. Those bills remain poised for action by the committees if the legislature reconvenes this year. If the legislature does not return for an extended period, the process starts all

We came. We saw. We did a lot of good for Tennessee kids. On February 19th, TQEE advocates from across the state joined together to stand for policies to increase the number of high-quality, affordable childcare seats, expand Pre-K and improve early literacy proficiency, to name a few. As Mayor Julian McTizic of Bolivar put it: “The future of our community and the

Parents and caregivers are usually a child’s most important teacher, but school closures associated with the COVID-19 spread adds even more meaning to the phrase “parents as teachers.” Parents and teachers are all too familiar with the term “summer slide” – when children forget or lose what they learned in the school year, while on summer break. The COVID “cool down” has the potential to be even more

New poll of Tennessee voters shows overwhelming support for policy proposals to improve early learning outcomes birth to third grade. In the current partisan environment, Tennessee Republicans and Democrats often agree on very little. But when it comes to education, they’re strongly united in the view that the state’s public education system is on the wrong track. They are also united in

How could this be? Why didn't Tennessee policymakers know? What should we do with all this money? Those are questions being asked in response to a recent report issued by the Beacon Center, a conservative Tennessee think tank. In October Beacon reported that Tennessee has amassed a $732 million surplus reserve of federal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) funding. They noted

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