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After three years, Cassandra Ruffin knows the first rule of visiting the Dennard family. ”You cannot come into this home with only one book,” Ruffin said. So although she’s there specifically to check in on 3-year-old Ja’Mykal, she arrives at the Oakhaven town home with a bag of children’s books for the boy and his two older siblings.  The Dennard family's experience with how

Explaining what the Voluntary Pre-K program in Kingsport City Schools means to my son Samuel and I is a "where do I begin" task. My son Samuel has many health issues that have the potential to interfere with his education. He requires extra attention to the health issues, yet needs to be encouraged to be more independent.

The debate's one question about early education was a good one:  "Why does Tennessee have so many children not reading at grade level by 3rd grade, and what would you do to fix it?  Karl Dean voiced support for "universal Pre-k" and making it an option for all Tennessee 4 year olds. TQEE's recent poll showed 94% of Tennesseans favor that solution.

Kyle Spurgeon, CEO of the Jackson Chamber of Commerce, this week joined a large and growing number of Tennessee leaders calling for greater focus on improving early education, birth through 3rd grade .  In a guest column in the Jackson Sun, Spurgeon noted, "Low proficiency in third grade is a clear indication that the quality of children’s learning prior to third grade requires

Representative Mark White (R), Shelby County, last week called for a bipartisan early education caucus of the House and Senate to work collaboratively with the new Governor's administration. White said, "Our guiding focus should be to advance evidence-based, high quality policies that are succeeding in some Tennessee communities and in other states". In a guest column in The Commercial Appeal, White cited important

We're excited to share with you the compelling findings from our 2nd annual statewide poll of registered voters. The big headline from the survey is that Tennesseans overwhelmingly and enthusiastically believe that investing in expanded quality early education birth through third grade is a solution to address current deficiencies in our public schools and put the state and its students on

In tennis, a strong serve and return game is fundamental for success on the court. "Serve and return” is also the term scientists use to describe the positive adult-child interaction vital for optimal human brain development. In the first few years of life, a child’s brain is the most impressionable, forming one million new neural connections every second to create the “wiring” that

Itzel is protective of her mother today, forgiving her with words even though she didn’t have the easiest childhood. “My mom didn’t know any better and she definitely didn’t have anyone to turn to,” she says. Itzel’s mother called her names and made her daughter feel unwanted and unloved. It’s tough to grow up strong when you are neglected and told that you

Last week a group of Chattanooga leaders, including Mayor Andy Berke and U.S. Representative Chuck Fleischmann, along with TQEE coalition partners from business, law enforcement, military, nonprofit and faith communities, held a summit at the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce titled “Caring for Young Victims of the Opioid Crisis”. The purpose was to highlight the epidemic’s growing adverse impact on parents and

This year’s legislative session has concluded, and with the help of our many coalition partners and friends TQEE had great success advancing our legislative priorities.  Below is a short wrap up.  Please share with your colleagues and friends who may be interested, and be sure to sign up to join TQEE if you haven't already, to ensure you continue to get news and

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