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Are you a mother or father trying to provide and cultivate a healthy childhood and home environment? Providing a strong foundation for success for your family can be challenging to get enough sleep, achieving work/life balance, going back to work maternity or paternity leave, affordable, quality child care.

“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk.”

Carl Jung


Investment in Early
Education Starts Today

Join the 20,000 coalition members helping us build a better future for children in Tennessee


    Parents are children’s first and most influential teachers. Positive, nurturing relationships with parents help protect and expand children’s brain development, improving their self-confidence, motivation to learn, and impulse control.


    The early years of a child's life create the foundation for their future. Unfortunately, many Pre-K through 3rd Grade programs are not providing the necessary engagement to lay that foundation. We aim to improve early education for a more promising future.


    The vast majority of Tennessean children under the age of 6 spend a significant amount of time in paid childcare programs. Ensuring the quality of these programs can be invaluable to setting them up for educational success later in life.


    Strong accountability and continuous improvement systems collect, coordinate, and govern the use of data to inform improvements to early childhood programs and services, and to provide visibility into their effectiveness.

     Invest in Early Education. Our Future Starts Today. Join Us.

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