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Thanks so much for caring about Tennessee’s youngest children.
Do you have 60 seconds to share your opinion on early education in Tennessee?

Do you have any children or grandchildren in your life?

Do you believe Tennessee’s educational system needs improvement?

Do you agree that early childhood education, ages zero to 8, provides the building blocks for future academic success?

Do you agree that Tennessee’s elected leaders should prioritize early education, with effective solutions like high quality affordable childcare, investing in our teachers, and providing excellent pre-k programs?

Thanks to the 18,095 (and growing!) Tennesseans like you who are standing with us, our elected leaders are starting to prioritize early education! We need your help to ensure that continues!

Will you donate $10 or more today to help further early childhood education in Tennessee?

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We need your help to ensure Tennessee’s future.
Your donation will ensure we are on our way to doing just that!

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