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Early Learning Champions

The Pledge

Tennesseans want action and investment in early care and education, as evidenced by our recent voter poll. That’s why legislators across Tennessee are making the following pledge to be Early Learning Champions:

As a state policymaker and Early Learning Champion, I recognize the will of Tennessee voters, and I pledge to educate myself on early care and education issues and give thoughtful consideration to related legislative proposals.


The Champions

Join us in thanking the following members of the Tennessee General Assembly who have pledged to be Early Learning Champions. Meetings with legislators to discuss becoming an Early Learning Champion are ongoing, and we expect this list will continue to grow.

Rep. Kirk Haston
District 72

Sen. Sara Kyle
District 30

Sen. Bill Powers
District 22

Rep. Mark White
District 83

Sen. Raumesh Akbari
District 29

Rep. David Hawk
District 5

Rep. Mary Littleton
District 78

Rep. Bob Ramsey
District 20

Rep. Sam Whitson
District 65

Rep. Charlie Baum
District 37

Rep. Gary Hicks
District 9

Rep. Eddie Mannis
District 18

Sen. John Stevens
District 24

Sen. Jeff Yarbro
District 21

Rep. Vincent Dixie
District 54

Rep. Tim Hicks
District 6

Sen. Becky Massey
District 6

Sen. Dawn White
District 13

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