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Todd Norris

Todd Norris

Senior Vice President for Community Health and System Advancement
Ballad Health

Todd Norris is Senior Vice President for Community Health and System Advancement with Ballad Health in Johnson City, Tennessee. In this capacity, Norris helps to lead the system’s comprehensive transformation to become a community health improvement organization focused on reducing the regional disease burden through prevention and disease management and addressing both social needs and social determinants of health through substantial engagement with community-based resources. This work includes providing backbone resources for one of the newest and largest Accountable Care Communities in the nation. 

Serving twenty-one counties across two states, the ACC includes more than 300 member organizations focused on supporting improvements in educational attainment, economic success, and health outcomes in the Appalachian Highlands through a collective impact model. Additionally, he heads the philanthropic and grant funding arm charged with advancing the system’s ability to build a legacy of superior care. 

Prior to this role, Norris serviced as the chief marketing, communications, and philanthropic officer for Wellmont Health System, which merged with Mountain States Health Alliance to become Ballad Health and served on the merger integration council. In this role, he assisted the health system and the board navigate the communication strategies and community engagement needed to steer the system through a nearly three-year process resulting in a unique merger requiring the approval of both Tennessee and Virginia under state action immunity laws and the formation of a Certificate of Public Advantage in Tennessee and a Cooperative Agreement in Virginia. 

Norris is integrally involved in the leadership of Ballad’s STRONG Children and Families initiatives. These initiatives will align Ballad’s work with the Accountable Care Community to ensure a conception to career continuum for children in the Appalachian Highlands to have safe, stable, nurturing environments, achieve educational benchmarks, and create pathways to health and well-being. He is also responsible for the system’s program for low-income uninsured individuals, Appalachian Highlands Care Network, along with mobile health, health resource programs, and the system’s dramatically expanding childcare enterprise. 

Prior to working in healthcare, Norris served as an administrative leader and development and marketing professional in higher education. He lives in Johnson City, Tennessee with his wife, Whitney, and daughter, Rhea. 

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