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Lesley Stiles Scearce

Lesley Stiles Scearce

President & CEO
United Way of Greater Chattanooga

Lesley Stiles Scearce is currently President and CEO of United Way of Greater Chattanooga. United Way is a dynamic and innovative nonprofit committed to addressing critical social service issues to build a stronger and healthier community for all.

Since joining United Way in 2015, Ms. Scearce has partnered United Way with new community collaborators who bring innovation to solve our community’s most critical social issues.

Before joining United Way, she headed On Point: Direction for Life as its President and CEO. Ms. Scearce led the organization to reach 240,000 local youth with skills and support necessary to avoid risky behavior and be prepared for life.

Ms. Scearce was an adjunct professor of nonprofit management at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. She led ASCEND, in Washington DC, as Board Chair. She also leads community wide trainings in the 40 Developmental Assets®, the building blocks youth need to flourish.

Ms. Scearce is passionate about nurturing kids and transforming the way adults view and engage with youth. That’s why joining United Way – with its focus on Education and Stability (after school programming, mentoring, and volunteering) – is the perfect professional evolution for her.

When she isn’t wrangling two young boys or watching games at the ballfield, you’ll probably find her on her front porch with her husband Daniel and their friends. She loves fly fishing and folk music. She is an active member of Calvary Chapel and lives in Chattanooga, TN.

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